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Grant Opportunities

Grant Guidelines

Grants are offered twice a year.  For Philosophy of Grant Funding click here.

Up to $15,000 will be available for spring of 2023. Application due date is Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 3 p.m. on.

Over $35,000 was awarded in grants for fall of 2022.  Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.  


Funds must be used within 1 year of the grant award. Any unused funds will be returned to the GEF.

Funds should be used for projects new to the district, or to significantly expand or enhance on-going efforts [not merely sustain them as-is].


Programs without an existing funding stream in place will be prioritized.

Grants can be emailed to

Tammy Tracy

What We Support

Grant funds will be distributed in a balanced way across all grade levels, including Pre-K, as well as for community programs that serve Gladstone youths.


The Gladstone Education Foundation prefers to fund projects that:

  • Stimulate higher-level thinking

  • Are innovative, motivational, and engaging for students

  • Have clear objectives, an evaluation plan, and a high probability of success

  • Are replicable by other teachers or community members

  • Serve a substantial number of youths in an impactful way

  • Use a research-based approach

  • Include matching funds, in-kind contributions, &/or volunteer involvement by parents or community members

  • Build collaboration between project partners.



Grant Application

Grant Application

Grant proposals may include [but are not limited to]:

• Innovative classroom projects
• Classroom technology
• Supports to families
• Afterschool clubs & activities
• Staff professional development
• Extra academic support
• Health & well-being
• Athletics

• The Arts
• Community-building

You are welcome to use your own paper if you include the first page cover sheet and follow the format.


Incomplete submissions may not be eligible for funding.  Funds will not be granted for substitute time or staff salaries.

If you have questions about your grant application, or to submit your completed application, contact:


Executive Director, Tammy Tracy



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