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Dear Friends,

The Gladstone Educational Foundation's Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss ways in which it can support education and community programs in Gladstone.

The Gladstone Education Foundation supports all 2,200 students in the Gladstone District. This includes:

• 53% who are economically disadvantaged.

• 25% who are ethnic minorities.

• 14% who have disabilities.

• 10% who are English Learners

Gladstone High School has one of the highest graduation rates in Oregon with 86% of low-income students and 95% of Latino students graduating on time with a regular diploma.


Since 2000, the Foundation has been committed to supporting instructional activities and capital improvements that fall outside the District's limited operating budget. It is our goal to support the education and personal growth of our community's children.


The members of the Foundation wish to thank you for your support of the GEF, and we look forward to continuing its service to the community. As always, we welcome your input and invite you to participate in our endeavors.



Terry Marsh, President
Gladstone Education Foundation



Gladstone Center for Children & Families

John Wetten Elementary

Kraxberger Middle School

Gladstone High School


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