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Our Mission


The mission of the Gladstone Education Foundation is ensuring the success of the children in our community through educational and organizational opportunities.


Our Philosophy of Funding

1. The Foundation seeks to support activities, innovations, and improvements which enhance and enrich the educational services and programs for youth in the area served by the Gladstone School District.

2. The Foundation believes that funding should be used for projects, which it views as outside the regular operational budget of the Gladstone School District or other agencies.

3. The Foundation will review programs with long-term funding requirements, staffing requirements, or those initiated with other short-term grants and monies, with low priority.

4. High profile funding to enhance the work of the Foundation and help secure futher contributions is important, but will not be the most important factor in awards.

5. Projects of any size will be considered.

6. The Foundation does not intent to interfere with or replace the efforts of other fundraising groups.

7. The Foundation wishes to promote matching grants and partnerships with other groups and agencies to further the goals of the Foundation. Similarly, the Foundation will look favorably on those who have already made an effort toward funding their projects before making application to the Foundation.

8. The Foundation will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or other protected class or category.

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